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Ramadan is here

Ramadan is a time of year where Muslims around the world fast.
At Tigers Den, its a time we use to worship, reflect, and spend time with those who are important to us.
This is also a time to do away with bad habits — essentially to clean up our lives, our thoughts, and our feelings.
This month we will be sharing tips on how to organize our lives.

Tip # 3

Use every square inch, store smart!

Now that you have made a plan and decluttered it’s time to start the organizing.

  1. Use every square inch means using backs of closet doors, hooks, storage containers, baskets etc.
  2. Store smart means keep things in reach.  Store most frequently used items upfront on reachable shelves.
  3. Store like items together: all like with like.  That way you know what you have and what you need.
  4. Invest in multi functional dual purpose furniture pieces.
    Tigers Den always has multi functional items in stock.  Such as items with wheels, lids, storage, etc.

Let’s say you are working on your bedroom closet
Start with a blank canvas
Remove everything from the space
This will help you figure out what should go where and how to utilize every square inch, from floor to ceiling.  

Space to conquer:

*Bedroom Closet

Items needed:

*For your shoes : Boxes with lids or hanging shoe organizer

*For your clothes: Hangers, gain extra space by using slim hangers

*For your accessories: Hooks for backs of doors. Take advantage of doors

*For your bags: Baskets/shelf dividers

*For your organization: Label, Categorize, Color Code: This makes finding/putting together outfits easier

*For your out of reach: Keep a ladder for easy access






To streamline your space, constantly eliminate clutter: Every three to four months donate unused items to charity.

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