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Tatreez by Tigers Den brings traditional Palestinian cross-stitch patterns into your home. Tatreez is the centuries-old Palestinian art of embroidery. This handcrafted art is deeply rooted in Palestinian culture and is passed on from generation to generation. As in the art of tatreez our pieces are handcrafted, which means you will always have a one of kind piece in your home. Every pattern has a unique meaning, telling a story of cultural traditions from a group of people who have always been resilient, brave, and strong!

We believe in weaving stories and bringing people together. With that in mind, this line is extra special to us as it represents our Palestinian heritage, who we are, and where we come from. It tells a piece of our parents’ story, their childhood, their essence, and the place they were forced to flee that will always be home in their hearts.

While we are in the business of making homes beautiful, we are fully aware that there are so many without one. Refugees are some of the most vulnerable groups of people who often times will never have a place to call home. Therefore, Tigers Den is donating a portion of every Tatreez line product to help refugees around the world. Our commitment is to make your home beautiful and bring beauty and hope into other’s lives.