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Tigers Den is three sisters who have always had a passion for design and putting together beautiful spaces. We started buying and repurposing furniture for our own homes in K’s basement a.k.a. Tigers Den workshop. We simply love pieces with a story. What some may see as imperfections we see as character and beauty.

Our love and passion for design has led us to Tigers Den. We really wanted to bring pieces to your home that you will love for years to come. Our esthetic includes a blend of vintage and modern.  We absolutely love taking old unwanted pieces and giving them a new life to make them desired again.  We consider each piece carefully before making any additions or changes to it.  The end result is a piece with history and a Tigers Den touch.

At Tigers Den we love DIY projects, reupholstering, power tools, gold spray paint, browsing craigslist for new finds and so much more.

We know that it all starts at home.  At Tigers Den we believe each room should be a beautiful mix of modern, vintage and antique, combined with functionality and style. Making it into a place that’s livable and where you can be you!

Tigers Den is about so much more than just design it’s second nature; a space where we finish each other’s sentences, and borrow each other’s things with no intention of giving them back, it is an unspoken sisterhood.

Nafeesah keeps the order
Asma keeps the balance
Kawther keeps the creativity

They say if you find something you love you will never work a day in your life. Here’s to always finding what we love and bringing it to you.


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