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Our love for anything vintage



We love shiny and new things as much as the next person.  Looking at some of our favorite home decor sites/shops; Anthropologie, West Elm, Urban Outfitters, and Restoration Hardware to name a few, we often swoon over gorgeous new pieces. However, as interior decorators, vintage and antique pieces are what tug at our heart strings. They are the conversation starters and the one of a kind pieces that make your house a home.

So here’s a little secret not only do we “not mind” a scratch here or there, a chip of wood in the corner or a faint cup stain, we actually sorta kind of love them! We love the stories they tell. These are pieces that have been places, sometimes traveled around the world, they have seen things both happy and sad. They have been some of the first pieces people bought for their new home, a part of their very first bedroom set as a newly married couple, or something that was valued and passed down from one generation to the next.

We love taking these pieces and making them our own and taking them on new adventures. Weather that means keeping them as is, painting them, adding new hardware, or one of our favorites at Tigers Den combining multiple peices and transforming them into a one of kind piece.

Here are some simple Tigers Den tips on how to buy vintage and antique pieces
1. Make sure they have good bones is the key, make sure the piece is solid
2. Make sure that all of its part are functional and if repairs are needed they are not too costly
3. Most importantly make sure that despite it’s “imperfections” it’s a piece that you love.

Have an antique or vintage piece that you love?  Please share it with us we would love to hear its story!

Have a piece that you would like us to take on a new journey and refinish or repurpose?  Please let us know.

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