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Our love for anything vintage continues with Carts

It’s no secret that at Tigers Den we love multi-functional pieces.
Carts are the it piece of furniture these days.
Here is why we LOVE them: They are both beautiful and can also be used in almost every room!
The castors on a cart make it even more versatile and can easily be transferred to any space.

The many uses of a Cart: 

  • Use it in any room as it was traditionally intended for serving snacks and refreshments.
  • Use it in a bedroom as a nightstand, place boxes on it for instant storage.
  • Use it in an office/den as a place to store mail, books, papers, printers, and all your office accessories.
  • Use it in a living room as an end table to display trinkets, a place for your cup of tea, or for your current book.
  • Use it in a bathroom to put extra towels on and all your bathroom accessories.

Here are FIVE different ways to style your cart!

Look # 1:  end table in a living room

Look # 2: night stand in a bedroom

Look #3: small desk or table in an office or den

Look #4: side table in a bathroom

Look # 5: traditional serving cart for entertaining 

Shop the Look 

This is a one of kind vintage cart.  At Tigers Den we’ve always loved carts.  We took this 2 tray foldable cart on casters and added beautiful yet timeless paper by mod podge.  This is a original TD piece.  Contact us if you are interested in this cart or any other piece.

HINT: Tight on budget & space these multi-functional pieces are great solution for both!

Want Tigers Den to customize a piece for you? Contact us today!

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