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One Room Challenge: The Reveal

The Big Reveal for our one room challenge is finally here woohoo!  See our step by step journey

A month has flown by, however the last few days have been by far the most exciting & exhausting.
Designing this room together made the experience of our first one room challenge that much more rewardable.

Lets go back to the beginning:

The Plan:
During the plan process we focused on the purpose and function of the the overall room. When it came to the purpose and function of the room we knew this had to be a multipurpose room, an office, a guest room and a family hang out space. Our space size was very limited (the room is about 10 x 10). Therefore, it was essential to have multifunctional pieces of furniture and for us to maximize the storage space, so the room wouldn’t feel cluttered or crammed while serving all the functions we need it to.

The Design:
During the design process we continued with the plan and focused on our must have items. color schemes, and inspiration.  We were mindful of the space size and that we needed to have multifunctional pieces of furniture and a light and airy color scheme.

The Prep:
During the prep process we kept it simple measure, lay out, and clean up.  This was very important so we have an idea of how everything will fit in the space to ensure a smooth transition to move in all the pieces.








Here is a closer look at the room & shop the look










We knew we wanted to have a featured wall. We played around with having a floral wallpaper but ultimately decided to go with a timeless black and white stripped wall.  This adds just the right amount of character to a small space.  

For the desk space we wanted a piece with clean lines and wood tones with some storage. This desk fit the bill and was a steal at $160! We decided to add these brass knobs purchased from EBTH because we love the combination of wood and gold tones. On the desk we continues with our gold theme to accessories and a cork board made by Tigers Den. Above the desk we have  glass and gold frames with maps of the United States and Morocco with our birth places marked on it. (K’s and her husband were born in the US and there son was born in Morocco) 

We wanted simple bookshelves that can be used mainly for books and to display some art work and nicknaks. It was important for us not to over crowd the bookshelves so the space won’t feel overcrowded. The simplicity and clean lines of these ikea shelves were the perfect fit for the space.  Not only did they help organize and hold all of our decor pieces the fact that they were backless gave us just the look we wanted to help keep the feature black and white wall exposed.  

We are a bit obsessed with anything bamboo. So when we found a pair of these faux bamboo cast iron chairs for under $30 each we knew we had to have them! These chairs can go in just about any space. We reupholstered it with a pink vintage Moroccan Kilim, that adds the just the perfect touch and color to the space. 

Shop the Look: Target Desk, TD cork board, Glass Frames, Desk Accessories, Ikea Bookshelves, Chair 







We needed a daybed/sleeper sofa that was both stylish and functional it had to be just the right size, function as a sofa most of the time and easily help transition the room into a sleeping space when needed with out having to move around any furniture.  We found this affordable and stylish sleeper sofa from Target, it’s simple, stylish, and the size was perfect. A blanket and throw pillows elevate the design of the sofa. We wanted to incorporate some sort of art element into the room. We played around with different ideas and ultimately decided to go with this vintage ladder that can be used to both display different tapestries, which add instant color and place extra throw blankets for anyone chilling on the sofa or guest that may be sleeping there.

We played around with different rug options. We initially had a larger colorful hand woven Moroccan rug in the room. Although it was a gorgeous rug we weren’t in love with it in the space. Last minute we decided  to try out our Moroccan wedding blanket that was purchased in Morocco and we immediately new that rug that was meant for the space. We love how a smaller rug made the hardwood floors pop and the light neutral color added to the airy feel to the space.

We kept it light and simple with these ikea curtains.  They add to the space giving it an airy cozy feel.

So we have a consistent theme we love Moroccan heritage and style. This brass light fixture was purchased in Morocco over two years ago and it fit perfectly in the space. If you can’t travel to Morocco To get one of these lovelies (which we reccomemd everyone do!) you can find a similar one here…

In case you haven’t noticed by now we are obsessed with tapestries and textiles from around the world. They can be used in so many different ways as art, as a blanket or,  our personal favorite to reupholster furniture. We were recently reminded of how these textiles are primarily made by women around the world and not only are they a way for them to make a sustainable living they are also made for themselves to make there homes beautiful. The mid century stool was reupholstered by Tigers Den using a Uzbek suzani purchased in Turkey.

Shop the Look: Target Day Bed, Rug, Ikea Curtains, Brass Light Fixture, TD Stool, Suzani, Kilm Pillows, HM Throw






This vintage briefcase on a stand is a Tigers Den custom made piece. It is the a perfect fit for the small wall without obstructing the doorway.  We wanted a multifunctional piece that guest can use to put there keys etc, as well as a place we can also use to place drinks and snacks for our overnight guest. Having Tigers Den inventory in your basement really pays off when shopping for the right piece.

We purchased a pair of these round mirrors from homegoods a few years ago we intended to use them for the bedroom and they have literally been sitting in the closet this entire time. We wanted a mirror for guest to use and it works perfectly above the vintage briefcase stand. That way this can also serve as a vanity, again the more functions for a piece the better.

The sliding doors of the closet made it easy for us to divide the closet in two parts. One part will be used for the printer and to store office supplies. The part that is pictured here will be used for our guests. It stores pillows, blankets, and allows guests to hang up there clothes and any items they may have. The vintage suitcase on on a cast iron stand is another Tiger Den custom made piece. We also added these decorative handles from anthropologie to add a little something to the outside of the closet.

Shop the Look: TD Vintage Briefcase Stand, Round Mirror, Anthropologie Knobs

Tigers Den Decor Tip

Keep it simple.  You can always add pieces later. Stick to what you need and love.
Keep it timeless.  Don’t be afraid to change things out if you don’t feel they fit in the space.
Trust your eyes.

Like what you see, want Tigers Den to style your space? Contact us at: 

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