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One Room Challenge: The Prep

-The Preparation-

Okay, now that the shopping is done, the inspiration talks have been had, 

you’ve narrowed it down to what goes (as well as what does not go) in the room.
Now its time for the prep work…  

Every space is a bit different.
However, at Tigers Den we always have our simple 3 steps to take no matter the space! 

Clear out & Clean up the space:
This is the time to wipe it down, polish the floors, dust, etc.  Its also the time to donate any unwanted items.


The essentials:
Paint, Lighting, Windows, Walls, Floors: add what needs to be added here first!


Tape it up, Layout the room:
Measure out the furniture pieces & tape up what goes where.
Both on floors & walls.
We like using painters tape no mess and easy to remove.
This will allow you to get a visual without having the pieces actually in there.


What You’ll Need: 

-Measurement of room 

-Measurement of pieces furniture & decor

-Measuring tape

-Cleaning Supplies 

-Painters Tape 

-Paint and rollers (if you’re painting)

Tigers Den Decor Tip

When prepping a room keep in mind it’s easier to move tape then moving furniture.
Do all the cleaning first before adding furniture.
It’s best to get the lighting, window treatments, and paining completed before moving in the furniture.

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