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Aleppo: Here is what you can do…



We are heartbroken about what is happening. We feel helpless and sought out different ways we can help.

Read the following articles to see what you can do.  Here is to hoping something helps

A friend complied a list how we can help:

Ten Things You Can do for the People of Aleppo who are Facing Genocide

1. Call the White House at: 202-456-1111 or write to President Obama at:

2. Contact you senator at:

3. Contact your congressperson at:

4. Hold a candle light vigil for Aleppo and contact the media to attend.

5. Sign this petition:

6. Write a letter to the editor; call in to a radio show; write an op-ed or tweet and post with a hashtag that includes Aleppo.

7. Pray for Aleppo in every prayer and ask the imam/khateeb or faith leader to make dua/prayer for Aleppo.

8. Learn more about this conflict from experts, ie. Syrian American activists and learn more about historic Aleppo at:

9. Donate to any of the charities below and hold a fundraiser with family and friends or host a local event:

10. Share this article with friends and encourage them to donate:



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