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We are not ashamed to admit
that if you would’ve asked us five years ago what a credenza is 

we wouldn’t have really known.  

Now, this has definitely become one of our favorite pieces of furniture.
Mainly because of one word versatility you can literally place it in any room in your home.

We love how there’s just so many different shape and size options.
 We love painting them a fun color to add a pop of color to any room.

  • Place it in your bedroom as a  dresser
  • Placeit in your living room to put your TV on or just for extra storage
  • Place it in your kitchen as a buffet cabinet for your dinnerware
  • Place it in your dining room as it as it is most commonly used for.

If you’re a compulsive redecorate like we are; you can always move your credenza to a different room
when you want a fresh new look without having to dish out cash for a new piece.

Here’s a closer look at some credenzas we’ve given a face-lift 

~Navy Bamboo~

~Blue Bamboo~

~Small Burgundy~

~Dark Blue White Company~

~Hunter Green Drexel~

~Turquoise Campaign~

Five things we like to use to style a credenza

  1. Plants
  2. Books
  3. Candles or Candlesticks
  4. Mirror/Framed art work
  5.  Storage Decor like a box or bowl or personal memorabilia  

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