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We are not ashamed to admit that if you would've asked us five years ago what a credenza is  we wouldn't have really known.   Now, this has definitely become one of our favorite pieces of furniture. Mainly because of one word versatility you

Living Room Refresh While we love all the pieces in K's living room it just wasn't functioning and flowing right. It simply never seemed complete. We moved around the furniture, decluttered the space a bit, & walla! It really feels like

ALL the same wood tones: Although no one can convince my mom this isn't true, but believe it or not mixing wood tones can bring warmth and depth to a space. -Dark wood stain moroccan divider -Gray unfinished wash RH dining table -Mahogany lacquer credenza -Pine

Inspirations that make us "stop & stare for a while" cause their amazing We have so many of these moments as designers and wanted to start sharing some of our favorites with you! Do you notice your self gazing at