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3 common decorating myths

ALL the same wood tones:
Although no one can convince my mom this isn’t true,
but believe it or not mixing wood tones can bring warmth and depth to a space.

-Dark wood stain moroccan divider
-Gray unfinished wash RH dining table
-Mahogany lacquer credenza
-Pine stain wooden floors
-Reclaimed wood decorative window panels
-Maple wood Mid Century Chairs

Everything from the same era & style:
While it’s important things in your home flow together, they don’t all have to be from the same time period, style, or place. We love an eclectic look it gives a space character and allows one to add their personal touch.
It also gives the flexibility to add in new pieces over time.

-Vintage: Chandelier, Screen Panels
-Hollywood regency: Gold Faux Bamboo Chairs
-Mid Evil 17th: RH Table
-Moroccan Style: Room Divider, Table tapestry
-Mid Century: wooden end chairs, credenza

Nafeesah is “always” right:
While she is an expert when it comes to all things in home decor, she’s just simply not ALWAYS right!
There are times when she needs a little extra push when it comes to bolder decisions here & there.

A typical convo: 
“I think I want these for my dinning room?”
“Hmmm really”
“umm yes, I like them lets just try it out”
“Ok they look great its definitely your style!”

(shhh we always need her stamp of approval)

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