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The Big Reveal for our one room challenge is finally here woohoo!  See our step by step journey A month has flown by, however the last few days have been by far the most exciting & exhausting. Designing this room together made

  We are heartbroken about what is happening. We feel helpless and sought out different ways we can help. Read the following articles to see what you can do.  Here is to hoping something helps A friend complied a list how we can

-The Preparation- Okay, now that the shopping is done, the inspiration talks have been had,  you've narrowed it down to what goes (as well as what does not go) in the room. Now its time for the prep work

-Function & Purpose- The office, the guest room, the den, the leave the rest of the house at the end of the day to catch up room. -Must Haves- Sleeper sofa/daybed shelving for all your books, boxes and nick nacks desk a